Beth Sobol hosted a radio show called "How to Live Agelessly." Each week she provided guests and topics of interest to the fabulous women over 50! Highlights included tips and trends on the latest in fashion, hair, makeup, interior design and wellness to help women live beautifully on the inside and out.

Special guests and national experts in the various areas joined Beth on her weekly journey for a truly engaging and informative half hour with insights on living a strong and healthy life.

While on the air (2015 – 2017) "How to Live Agelessly" was the #1 Hit show, airing three times a week on the SOB Radio Network with full coverage across North America as well as in 148 countries with over 250,000 listeners worldwide.

Beth left the show to pursue other interests in the fashion world.

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Radio Interviews

Dr. Gayle Carson

"The Spunky Old Broad"

July 27, 2015

Beth Sobol tells her very unusual journey of starting her career as an international fashion model working in 40 countries, getting married, having two children born in different countries, divorcing, traveling the world and coming back to Miami as a single mother. She then started her own production company which quickly led into creating and developing her own "fashion week." She has sold that company to form the Council of International Fashion Designers.

Made In America

South Florida Entrepreneurs

October 16, 2014

Beth Sobol tells her incredible story of how she started as a model in the local fashion scene, then traveling the world as a top international runway model and returning home to create and develop what became one of the world's largest fashion events....MIAMI Fashion Week!