Beth Sobol Had a Vision: Design Africa Series: Bienvenido a Miami


Beth Sobol Had a Vision: Design Africa Series: Bienvenido a Miami

President and CEO of Miami Fashion Week, Beth Sobol had a vision for empowering fashion in Florida and establishing more of an international scene in Miami.   Taking a page out of Anna Wintour’s book for bringing design to New York again, Sobol searched for emerging fashion designers and contributed in exposing a number of unknown designers.

As reported in WWD, Brazilian fashion designer Carlos Miele kicked off the week long event by exclusively showing his collection in Miami instead of New York, co-signing the idea of the city becoming the next mini-Brazil.

Carlos Miele MFW 13 Carlos Miele MFW 13 look 1


As another progressive element, there was a focus on African design during the celebrated Fashion Week.  African designers were invited to showcase their collections and bring light to craftmanship, textiles and innovation.  It’s wonderful to see a major metropolitan city in the U.S. highlight the diversity of talent within our borders.  Modelogs will continue to keep you abreast of developments on the next Miami Fashion Week.

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