Five Questions with Beth Sobol




Maytee:  I would first like to congratulate you on the success of "MBIFW" 2011. What's the process like to make "MBIFW" happen? 

Beth: The process of producing an event the size and magnitude of MBIFW is on-going, we work on all aspects of the development of the event year round.

Maytee: When did you decide to make the transition from professional model to fashion show producer?

Beth: In 1996, after a very successful 20 year career as an international fashion model I decided to retire from the runway and at the request of my former modeling clients, opened Sobol Fashion Productions, a full service fashion show and special event production company. This way, we were still able to work together but I was now producing their fashion shows instead of modeling in them.

Maytee: Did you always want to be a fashion show producer?

Beth: I never thought about it until the opportunity presented itself. I actually coined the term “fashion show producer” as it was called “co-coordinator” back then and I was much more than that!

Maytee: What advice would you give young entrepreneurs who might be looking to follow in your footsteps? 

Beth: Stay focused and follow your dream! It’s the only way to get there. 

Maytee: How can people reach the extraordinaire Beth Sobol for services?

Beth: I am always happy to discuss anyone’s fashion show needs. We receive calls and emails from around the world on a weekly basis requesting help and guidance from other fashion week producers, designers, charitable organizations and a variety of new clients. This week alone, calls came in from South Africa, Egypt and Serbia. Along with my new Managing Partner, Aaron Perry, “Sobol-Perry Fashion Productions” is ready to solve the worlds fashion show needs.

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